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Brief Introduction of Gravimetric Dosing Systems
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Drying Hopper, Hopper Loader & Central Conveying System

Gravimetric blender also called as gravimetric dosing system or gravimetric batch blender, is an industrial device used in plastic production industry to dose or weigh two or more components and then mix them together prior to processing in the molding machines. It's a high-end technology for the discontinuous blending of materials at the highest level of accuracy. After years of exploring deeply in the industry and upgrading system many times, now Hengju's gravimetric blender can dose up to 8 materials at accuracy ±0.5%. That means, for example, if your recipe is comprised of virgin 80%, masterbatch 18%, filler 2%, and if we set the batch weight as 1000g, then it means that the amount of any ingredient could be off by 5g. That's very close to Europe- made blenders and with much lower cost. 

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